BeKom Design was founded in 2009 by designers Revital Kaufman-Meron and Susan Bowen.

“The idea of working together as a team came up after long conversations about design and large amounts of coffee. In our conversations we found out that despite the fact of coming from different backgrounds, we share the love for design and the courage and energy to work as independent designers.”

By sharing strong work ethics and deep commitment to the clients’ vision, BeKom Design is meant to help clients envision, design and ultimately build the house or working space of their dreams.

Susan Bowen - CFO Principal Designer

Susan was born and raised in Ecuador, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1998 from the Catholic University of Guayaquil. During her college years she acquired relevant experience in Multifamily residential Design after working for almost three years for a major urban developer.

Right after obtaining her B.Arch, she moved to Costa Rica, where she entered the Master program in Urban Design from the University of Costa Rica (UCR).

She moved to Brazil in 2000. During the next 6 years, Susan diversified her skills by completing studies in CAD and 3D Modeling. She also studied Brazilian History and Urban Design,  as part of the requirements for validating her diploma, which she obtained in 2005 from the University of Sao Paulo.

In 2004, she opened her own firm, providing 3D models, Renderings, and Presentations for several professionals in Interior Design. Later on, she started giving Interior Design services as well, for residential and commercial areas.

In 2006, Susan moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where she currently lives and works.

Revital Kaufman Meron - CEO Principal Designer

Born, raised and educated in Israel, Revital Received here B.Arch diploma from Tel Aviv University in 2003 Magna Cum Laude. She spent 4 years in Boston, MA where she Specialized in residential design from high-end single family residences and vacations homes, to high rise and mixed use projects. Complimenting her design experience with a strong interest in technology, Revital holds expert knowledge in Revit and is very Involved in the BIM community. Since moving to California in 2008, Revital continues to perfect her skills as an Designer and explore new and exciting designs.


As part of here strong belief in mentoring the next generation of Designers, Revital has served as a faculty member in the Boston Architectural College (BAC) Architecture program, teaching studio courses to first year students. 'Many people ask me why Design, The answer was always simple to me -Design is the single greatest art form capable of Influencing People in absolutely every single aspect of their lives- how we eat, sleep, live, feel, togetherness, alone- its all the in the hands of Design . As a part of this wonderful social profession, I have the responsibility and opportunity to Contribute to society through my designs. I always tell myself what I told my students- keep yourselves in check. You have a lot of power in your hands. Make sure you use it for a good cause. '